Building Inclusion through New Learning Methodology




The main aim of the project is to elaborate innovative methodology and open educational resources (OERs) for mental arithmetic using Abacus. Using them, the trainers will facilitate students’ personal and academic achievements in the field of development of concentration, photographic and muscular memory, creative and analytical thinking.


The project will develop the following results:


  • Methodology for Mental Arithmetic (MMA) – will include the methodological support and guidelines for trainers of using Abacus as a tool for mental arithmetic, to facilitate intellectual development of students which will result in students’ encouragement and motivation. MMA will include useful approaches, techniques and good-practices used by trainers when working with their students. The MMA will be developed for three age groups – 6-7 years old, 8-16 years old and 16+ years old having in mind the age peculiarity of each group.
  • Repository with exercises, tools and evaluation materials for mental arithmetic – will contain several key elements – set of methods, box with materials, set of instructions.
  • Abacus Portal with Generator of Exercises – core function will be to create (generate) practically unlimited variety of exercises in real-time. It will be a multi-layer storage of results so that the users will be able to get advantage of the exercises and not only practice to fulfil their free time.