Abacus Portal

Nowadays the development of children in the IT direction far outstrips their training in writing and calculating. Kids much easier and better deal with different mobile friendly portals which are often inappropriate for them from an educative, aesthetic and even moral point of view. Abacus Portal with Generator of Exercises is intended to create a repository of varied examples and exercises to enhance logical and creative thinking, photographic and muscular memory in dealing with abacus, concentration and observation.

Generator of Exercises

Generator of Exercises allows you to create activities involving various arithmetic operations with the requested number of digits, to recognize flashcard images, to solve logical problems and cases.


Didactic Materials

Didactic materials is a collection of various reference materials that will help you in understanding the concept of using abacus for learning purposes and conducting training in this area.



In the Repository with exercises you can find variety of tools and evaluation materials for mental arithmetic containing several key elements – set of methods, box with materials, set of instructions for proper implementation.